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Since our founding, HCURA has been dedicated to providing a platform for student researchers to share their work and research experiences. After several years of hosting local research fairs and symposia, in January 2012 HCURA launched the inaugural National Collegiate Research Conference (NCRC), inviting over 150 students from around the nation to present their research. In the six years since, NCRC has grown to become the largest student-run research conference in America. 


We hope you will join us in our endeavor to promote undergraduate research and share in the scholarship of the 21st century.

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"We are the only undergraduate-run national, interdisciplinary research conference, and the HCURA team is working tirelessly to ensure that NCRC 2019 meets even higher standards than in years before. With your organization’s generous support, we know that we can reach our goals to bring together the most-promising young researchers and help foster collaboration in the next generation of investigators."


"We sincerely hope that you consider becoming a partner in the National Collegiate Research Conference, and HCURA looks forward to working with you."

Molly Zeme

Michael Xie and Molly Zeme

Co-Presidents, 2018-2019

Why Support HCURA?

It's simple.



Recruit the best undergraduate students

Looking for bright minds to be a part of your company? NCRC brings together the best undergraduate researchers from colleges and universities across the nation together for three days of conference. Join us at the career fair and introduce your company to amazing undergraduate students. Furthermore, we not only offer general events like information sessions and career fairs but also opportunities for your company to better get to know students individually through career luncheons, networking sessions, and coffee chats.


Expand name and brand recognition

With the increasing number of undergraduate researchers in the community, now is the perfect time to gain your name brand recognition among a growing student demographic. There are countless opportunities for your company to display your name and profile, both on our webpage, during our conference, and in our official publication that is distributed across Harvard.


Fund Undergraduate Research

The brilliant scientists of tomorrow are the undergraduates of today who spend hours in the lab devoting themselves to research. These dedicated student researchers will be the ones who carry the torch in the next generation of innovators and help further our understanding and knowledge of nature’s deepest secrets.

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