The Co-Presidents

The Co-Presidents serve as the executive directors of the Harvard College Undergraduate Research Association. The Co-Presidents are responsible for overseeing all committees as well as programming, logistics, communication, and fiscal initiatives, and for defining long term vision for the organization. They serve as liaisons between the organization and the Board of Faculty Advisors, as well as with outside organizations and entities, including other universities. Elected by the entire HCURA membership, the Co-Presidents serve a one-year term beginning in February and ending with the conclusion of the following year’s National Collegiate Research Conference.

Co-Presidents, 2020-2021: Sophia Tang ‘21, Jonathan Garzon '21

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The Vice President

The Vice President assists the the Co-Presidents of the Harvard College Undergraduate Research Association. The Vice President is responsible for overseeing all committees in conjunction with the Co-Presidents, and for shaping and implementing long term vision for the organization. The Vice President is also responsible for managing internal board affairs. Appointed by the Co-Presidents with confirmation of the Executive Board, the Vice President serves a one-year term beginning in February and ending with the conclusion of the following year’s National Collegiate Research Conference.

Vice President, 2020-2021: Alyssa Klee '22


Chief of Internal Affairs

The Committee on Internal Affairs ("Internal Affairs") plans all internal events and gatherings for HCURA members. Internal Affairs facilitates and fosters a sense of community among undergraduate researchers at Harvard and specifically within HCURA.

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Committee on Programming

The Committee on Programming (“Programming”) is the driving force behind the major conferences hosted by HCURA including the Harvard Science Research Conference (HSRC), to be held in the fall of 2016, and the National Collegiate Research Conference (NCRC), to be held in the spring of 2017. Programming is responsible for developing the content and schedule of HSRC and NCRC. The committee contacts and secures speakers for keynote addresses, plans panels and workshops sessions, organizes and directs poster sessions, and coordinates the plenary speakers, ultimately ensuring that all HCURA conferences run smoothly. They organize interactive and interdisciplinary activities such as the Innovation Challenge, informational sessions about social issues and ethics in research, and panels on graduate school, medical school, and career/professional development. Because members of the programming committee have considerable latitude and autonomy in implementing new initiatives, they should possess broad vision and understanding of how to support undergraduate research, potential for developing and executing novel ideas, and strong communication skills and work ethic. All committee members report to the Co-Directors of Programming.

Co-Directors of Programming: Maria Kaltchenko '23, Carolyn Beaumont '23, Brian Wee '23

Committee on Operations

The Committee on Operations (“Ops”) oversees all logistical and operational efforts for HCURA during the year for on-campus events and for the two major national conferences, NCRC, and HSRC. Ops manages the execution and day-to-day logistics of both conferences and works in close conjunction with Programming. Their responsibilities range from serving as a liaison to conference participants to directing the flow of events to making venue and catering arrangements. Operations also collaborates with Campus Projects to ensure successful execution of initiatives such as the Visitas Research Symposium, Life Sciences Undergraduate Research Fair, and various HCURA panels, workshops, dinners, and guest lectures. Operations works closely with our various collaborators across Harvard Departments and Offices including Life Sciences Education, the Office of Undergraduate Research and Fellowships, and others. Members of the committee should have strong organizational and communication skills, should be able to complete tasks efficiently, and should possess the ability to troubleshoot and work under pressure

Executive Director of Operations: Allison Chang '23

Committee on Campus Projects

The Committee on Campus Projects (“CPC”) shapes HCURA’s presence on Harvard’s campus. Through an array of on-campus initiatives, we hope to both promote research on campus and create a strong community of student researchers among Harvard’s undergraduate population. Programs like the Life Sciences Undergraduate Research Symposium (LSURF) and HCURA Advising Program (HAP) both reach out to students interested in getting involved in research and expose current researchers to different fields outside their own. In addition, CPC is responsible for crafting and executing various events for the undergraduate student body including faculty dinners, guest speakers, career panels, and others. CPC collaborates closely with many of Harvard's academic departments and offices, as well as with other student organizations. Members of CPC should be possess a strong sense of the needs of the undergraduate research community and be innovative and creative in implementing new programming.

Co-Directors of Campus Projects: Olivia Yoo '23, Jessica Liu '23

Committee on Finance

The Committee on Finance is responsible for managing HCURA’s fiscal architecture and long-term strategic planning. The committee works to establish and maintain relationships with both the numerous academic departments, institutes, and centers at Harvard and the surrounding Cambridge and Boston area, from Harvard’s graduate schools, to the Division of Sciences, to the Institute for Quantitative Social Science, to the Mahindra Humanities Center and the Broad and Wyss Institutes, just to name a few. Additionally, Finance directs outreach to corporate, non-profit, and governmental organizations including Fortune 500 companies, the biopharmaceutical industry, organizations such as the National Science Foundation and the Department of Defense, and others. Finance coordinates a career fair for our sponsors at the annual National Collegiate Research Conference, as well as company tours for our constituency and other on-campus events related to career and professional development. Apart from sponsorships, Finance manages all organizational finances, including large annual budgets for HCURA's two national conferences and HCURA’s day-to-day operations.

Director of Finance: Sreekar Mantena '22

Committee on Publicity, Technology, and Outreach

The Committee on Publicity, Technology, and Outreach (“PTO”) leads HCURA and Brevia’s publicity and outreach efforts and maintains all of HCURA’s websites, digital platforms, including applications for NCRC and HSRC, and the HCURA e-mail accounts. The committee creates HCURA’s weekly newsletter and design materials for publicity campaigns including Facebook cover photos, posters, and emails. PTO is responsible for serving as the liaison between the organization and the wider Harvard community, including leading collaborations with other student groups and determining new strategies to promote HCURA among the undergraduate community at Harvard. In addition, PTO serves as the liaison between HCURA and other Universities—including partnerships with our counterpart organizations at Yale and Stanford—and their respective offices and departments which oversee undergraduate research. Throughout the year, PTO maintains HCURA’s brand image while increasing HCURA and Brevia’s presence on campus and across the country. 

Director of Publicity, Technology, and Outreach: Tanisha Martheswaran '22, Katrina Hon '22




Brevia is the official publication of the Harvard College Undergraduate Research Association. We publish in print once per semester and online more frequently. Our overarching goal is to be a forum for science, culture and other big ideas. We are committed to bringing all disciplines of research out of the ivory tower and into the discourse of the interested public. Through our opinion, features, and primary research articles, we explore the myriad connections in the world of intellectual endeavor. Our stories are brief because we want to make knowledge accessible and interesting, providing a palette of perspectives on the world around us.

Editors-in-Chief: Trang Truong '21, Nkazi Nchinda '21

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