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The 2019 Harvard Science Research Conference (HSRC) will be held from Saturday, October 12, 2019 to Sunday, October 13, 2019 at Harvard University in Cambridge, MA. HSRC is a two-day conference for exceptional high school students (sophomores, juniors, and seniors), hosted on Harvard’s campus that will entail a series of speakers, workshops, and mentoring sessions designed to encourage and promote interest in the natural sciences as well as research.

HSRC is a platform for exceptional high school students from across the world to develop their interests in the natural sciences and in research. The Harvard College Undergraduate Research Association (HCURA)strongly believes that students have the ability to make meaningful and significant contributions in all fields of study and to the greater body of world research knowledge. Students are not only engaging in research earlier in their careers—starting from their time in high school—but they are also participating in increasing numbers. In light of this positive growth, we have identified the urgent need to promote outreach and interest in the sciences by encouraging talented high school students in the sciences to consider or continue research.

HSRC promotes interest in the natural sciences and science research for high school students by facilitating exposure to some of the most important ongoing developments in all facets of the sciences, promoting acquisition of fundamental skills in public speaking, writing, and reading for the sciences, and providing individualized mentoring by Harvard students to encourage conference participants to pursue future study and careers in the sciences.

Core Objectives of HSRC:

1) HSRC will allow advanced high school students to advance and deepen their exploration of the natural and applied sciences, through exposure to Harvard’s repository of resources.

2) HSRC will allow high school students to form connections with Harvard’s faculty and students in the sciences and in their areas of interest, as well as with each other.

3) HSRC will provide useful and translatable skills relevant to both the sciences as well as other disciplines, including reading scientific literature, public speaking and presentation, active critical inquiry, etc.

4) HSRC will provide preparation for future research endeavors, including research at the undergraduate and graduate level, research at the high school level, competitions including Intel STS, ISEF, etc.

5) HSRC will allow high school students to form longer mentor-mentee relationships with current Harvard students, which will help them solidify college and future career goals.