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Faculty Keynotes

Selected participants at HSRC will hear from Harvard Faculty speakers about current ongoing areas of research in the life sciences and physical sciences. Harvard University is one of the top research institutions in the world, and providing high school students with opportunities to form connections with both Harvard faculty and students who are pursuing cutting-edge work will help provide encouragement and inspiration. HSRC challenges the traditional paradigms of studying science at the high school level, which emphasizes the memorization and regurgitation of facts and information. Rather, HSRC will expose students to researchers and research intended to excite, motivate, and inspire.


HSRC participants will attend a series of small group workshops led by Harvard students, teaching staff, and researchers. The skills presented in these workshops will focus on imparting skills translatable to all other academic disciplines rather than facts.


HSRC participants will receive intimate mentoring from Harvard students on important skills such as resume writing and public speaking. Mentoring sessions will allow participants to ask questions about how to further their science education through research, provide participants with guidance on selecting and applying to colleges, and foster long-term connections between high school students and Harvard students who have successfully navigated their high school careers. Additionally, HSRC enables students to form friendships and connections with other talented high school students who are interested in science.


HSRC acknowledges that science students are motivated by a fundamental pursuit of knowledge. Weaving new connections in a larger group that shares this same motivation is not just empowering – it is integral to success in the increasingly collaborative world of research. HSRC prepares high school students for the future by bringing them together with a purpose – the betterment of our world through a common pursuit of knowledge.

The Harvard Science Research Conference (HSRC) will bring together a host of budding minds and established researchers to expand upon this theme in one-day dialogue that will address the challenges and opportunities that face exceptional high school students in the sciences today. The future of how we explore our world through research will hinge on our answers to some of these vital questions.